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Transient Voltage Suppressor Array
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Product overview
ESD, also known as TVS ARRAY, is a component with semiconductor characteristics made of Si material based on a diffusion process. This device can be regarded as a development result of TVS toward miniaturization, integration and low capacity. It belongs to the low-power device made by IC diffusion process and packaging process, and it is specifically designed to suppress ESD for multi-channel and high-speed signal line interfaces. As the rising edge of ESD discharge is about one nanosecond, the traditional patch pressure sensitive and polymer devices respond slowly, so the residual voltage is too high, which also puts higher requirements on the antistatic ability of the IC. The ESD device has a faster response speed and a lower clamping voltage, which can greatly reduce the impact on the back-end IC, thereby greatly improve the EMS performance of the system, and can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference of signals, such as ESD, EFT, etc. It is widely used in white goods, mobile phones, tablet computers, communication equipment, intelligent control products, industrial control, smart grids, consumer electronics and other products.
With a variety of packaging forms: 0402, 0603, SOD323, SOD523, SOD923, SOIC-8, SOT23, SOT23-6, SOT363 and so on.

 Product Application Catalog

Part Number  
Uni/Bi Peak Pulse
Reverse Stand-off VoltageReverse Breakdown VoltageLeakage CurrentPeak Pulse
PPK@tp=8/20μsVRWM MAX VBR MIN@It=1mA IR@VRWMIPP MAX@8/20μsCJ@VR=0V,f=1Mhz
(W) (V)(V)(μA)(A) Typ(pF) Max(pF)