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Transient Voltage Suppressors
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Product overview
TVS, Transient Voltage Suppression, which is a component with semiconductor characteristics made of Si material based on diffusion process. The resistance value of this type of component changes between mega ohm level and ohm level according to the change of the voltage value loaded across it, and the resistance value can complete the transition in picosecond time. Based on this characteristic, TVS are mostly connected in parallel in the system circuit to prevent overvoltage from damaging other components at the back end, thereby greatly improve the EMS performance of the system, which can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference such as Surge, EFT and ESD. It has been widely used in signal communication, industrial control, security, automobile electronic, switching power supply, frequency inverter, inverter, photovoltaic new energy, wind power, Surge protective device, power distribution system and other products.
TVS produced by our company has a variety of appearance such as patch and plug-in. The patch mainly includes SOD123, SMA, SMB, SMC, DO-218AB, plug-ins are DO-41, DO-15, DO-201, P600, etc. In addition, we can also develop special external dimensions and chip dimensions according to customer requirements.
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